We are specialist in :
Ω Laser Cutting And Plasma Cutting
Ω CNC Lathe Machining Works 
Ω Rolling And Bending Steel Plate 
Ω Mechanical Engineering Works 
Ω Steel Fabrication And Welding Works 
Ω Labour Supply And Machinery Supply 
Ω Steel Structure Fabrication & Etc 
Ω Hot And Cold Insulation
Ω Profile Forming Of Metal Plate 
Ω Balancing Impeller And Rotor
Ω Shearing And Bending Of Metal Plate 
Ω On Site Repair And Balancing 
Ω Fabricate New Impeller 
Ω Construction Works 
Ω Pipelines, Storage Tanks & Air Ducting System


Bright Sun Engineering Sdn Bhd is a company that provides industrial & engineering works. Our main office is located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan (NS).

We are specialised in laser cutting, plasma cutting, CNC lather machining works, rolling & bending steel plate, mechanical engineering works, steel fabrication, welding works, machinery supply, steel structure fabrication, hot & cold insulation, etc.


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